Priyakrishna’s beliefs in following qualities are what make him youth icon leader:

He believes being honest in charity works and in resolving people problem is what makes young adults vulnerable. It relieves who a person is and aids in developing trust and respect with the people around you and constituents.

He is compassionate in understanding common people’s suffering and taking necessary actions in resolving their issues and sufferings. He believes true compassionate character converts knowledge into wisdom. He trusts immediate act of action on resolving issues is what makes a well trusted leader.

Priyakrishna is adhering to moral and ethical principles. He believes if one is following morality, he will be trusted by his followers and constituents. A great leader holds high standard integrity towards serving people.

His confidence is his faith and beliefs in acting right and effective way to address people in solving their problems. He considers a good political leader should be confident in their ability to lead and inspire youth in right way. A good politician will listen carefully from all the sides before reaching consensus. This quality makes him a political leader to move forward.