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Priyakrishna's Biography

Born in Bangalore, Priyakrishna (M.A, LLB) is the Elder son of MLA and Housing Minister Sri M Krishnappa. He studied at The New Cambridge English School in Bangalore, before graduating in B.A Honours and LLB Degree from Bangalore University. He subsequently completed MA in political science from Mysore University.His interests were inclined towards politics during his student days. He is also a prominent Golfer and represented Karnataka in the 2001 National Games held in Punjab.

On his return to Bangalore after graduation, he started assisting his father in various Philanthropic activities and social service. He has been an active member of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Party since 2003 and also been trying to inculcate a sense of social and political responsibility amongst the youth through uplifting the down trodden and traveling extensively to reaffirm rights and beliefs, creating awareness of social power discounting any theories about the youths inability to process complex political matters. He actively participated in campaigning during the 2004 Parliamentary Elections, 2008 Assembly elections, and 2009 Parliamentary elections.


Priyakrishna believes education influenced him in a peaceful process of conflict resolution and strives hard to make certain the organizations function with high levels of "horizontal or non-hierarchical" democracy. He adds nothing is more significant and essential than education, as nowhere are our stakes are higher because future depends on the quality of education of a young generation. Lack of sufficient knowledge to confront concrete, composite and tangible problems with an overemphasis upon defeated reforms that couldn’t be enacted through legislation. He prioritizes and realizes political aspirations, ambitions by getting involved in:

  • Grass root campaigns to support his father's agenda across the constituency so as to build a stronger base to realize the changes. Groundwork involved for the addressal of various problems faced by the citizens over major issues such as healthcare, education and infrastructure so as to confront de facto grievances.
  • Networking with the regional civil factions and pioneers in order to tackle the issues in real time that encompass the diversity of problems found in neighborhoods and communities across the constituency.
  • Reaffirming support to representatives who envisage and pioneer the movement for change to make it a reality.
  • Access to the right of communication is broadened with the range of public debate being greatly expanded.

Youth Leader
Priyakrishna is considered as young bachelor politician, at the age of 32 years, popularly known as Youth Icon for his energetic and quick turnaround time political ideologies. He is a patient leader with the man of actions with in-depth knowledge in politics, finance, and legal issues. His exceptional leadership qualities and addressing the issues and resolving it, makes him stand ahead of all other young leaders.


Personal Profile

Party Name Indian National Congress (INC)
Father's Name Shri. M Krishnappa - MLA and Housing Minister
Permanent Address GOVARDHANA PRIYA
#2937/38/E, Service Road,
Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560 040
Tel No 080-2330 1603
Fax No 080-23301650
Govindarajnagar Toll free no 1800 274 4433